Susan D’Agostino is a writer and mathematician whose articles have been published in The Atlantic, Washington Post, Quanta Magazine, Scientific American, Nature, Literary Hub, Financial Times, Undark Magazine, Discover, Slate, Ms., Times Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Educationand other publications.

Susan is the author of How To Free Your Inner Mathematician: Notes on Mathematics and Life (Oxford University Press, 2020). She served as editor-in-chief of A Celebration of the EDGE Program's Impact on the Mathematics Community and Beyond (Springer, 2019), a book of essays and articles written by women mathematicians. She is a member of the editorial board of the Mathematical Association of America's Math Horizons magazine.


Susan has received science writing fellowships from the National Association of Science Writers, the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, and the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation. She is currently pursuing an MA in Science Writing at Johns Hopkins University and earned a PhD in Mathematics at Dartmouth College. Prior to pivoting her career to write, she was a tenured mathematics professor, for which she won the university's Excellence in Teaching Award.