Essays​ by Susan D'Agostino

Forthcoming article on Donald Knuth, based on a personal interview | Knuth is the author of the magnum opus The Art of Computer Programming, the inventor of TeX, a Turing Award winner, and a computer science professor at Stanford University 

Forthcoming article on Caucher Birkar, based on personal communication | Birkar is a Fields Medalist and mathematics professor at the University of Cambridge

Forthcoming article on Mohamed Omar, based on a personal interview | Omar is a mathematics professor at Harvey Mudd College

Maths can Help You Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic | forthcoming on the Oxford University Press Blog

Cryptography Pioneer Seeks Secure Elections the Low-Tech Way Quanta Magazine 

Secrets of Math From the Bee Whisperer | Quanta Magazine

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum: Inspiring the Next Generation of Mathematicians and Computer Scientists | Mathematical Association of America's Math Horizons magazine 

Why Have So Few Women Won the Most Important Award in Computing? | Slate  

The Architect of Modern Algorithms | Quanta Magazine

When Ideology or Special Interests Hijack Science Topics | National Association of Science Writers

Why You Should Join a Journal's Editorial BoardNature

Voronoi Tessellations and Scutoids Are Everywhere: So What Are They, Anyway? | Scientific American

America's Students Should Take the Less Indebted Path | Financial Times 

When an FDA Ruling Drastically Curbed Fecal Transplants, I Performed My OwnUndark Magazine

See also: Undark Episode 33: Part 3 - Surviving C. diff. Podcast in which Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Program in Science Writing Seth Mnoonkin interviews Susan D'Agostino on the subject of this essay

An EDGE in Mathematics for Women: The Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Program | Book chapter in Women in Mathematics: Celebrating the Centennial of the Mathematical Association of America 


To Fall in Love With Math, Do This | Journal of Humanistic Mathematics

Thinking About Tipping Points | National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Mathematics Teacher


Dian Fossey’s Unconventional Methods Hinted at the Importance of Women’s Perspective in Intellectual Pursuits | Times Higher Education


You Can’t Cure Students’ Ills By Typing on Your Computer | Print headline: Don’t Record—Just Listen | Times Higher Education 


Every Minute of Your Life Has Been Interesting | Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 

Hidden Figures in Math | Ms. magazine online 


Why Would a Mathematician Want an MFA? | Chronicle of Higher Education 

A Textbook Case of Questionable Ethics | American Association of University Professors’ Academe


Reevaluating Teaching Evaluations | American Association of Colleges and Universities’ Liberal Education 


Dinosaurs Dig Paleontologists Who Do Math | Mathematical Association of America's Math Horizons


The Outlier Who Wasn’t | Chronicle of Higher Education

Sharing Math’s Appeal with First-Generation Students | Chronicle of Higher Education

Facebook and Texting vs. Textbooks and Faces | Mathematical Association of America's Math Horizons 

A (Mostly) Unwired Mathematics Classroom | Mathematical Association of America Focus 

Book Reviews

"Mathematical Tools for Data Mining: Set Theory, Partial Orders, Combinatorics, Second Edition by Dan A Simovici and Chabane Djeraba” | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews

“Mathematical Demography, Selected Papers, 2nd Revised Edition, by David P. Smith and Nathan Keyfitz, Edited by Kenneth W Wachter and Herve Le Bras” | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews 

“In Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations that Changed the World by Ian Stewart” | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews

"Calculus: An Active Approach with Projects by Hilbert, Schwartz, Seltzer, Maceli, and Robinson" | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews 


“Quantify! A Crash Course in Smart Thinking by Göran Grimvall” | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews 


“Linear Models in Statistics by NH Bingham and John M Fry” | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews


“Networks: An Introduction by MEJ Newman" | Mathematical Association of America Book Reviews”