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I speak on the topics of artificial intelligence, higher education, journalism, science communication, mathematics, and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education.

I live on the New Hampshire seacoast and welcome inquiries about speaking engagements.     

This page will be updated regularly.

A sample of recent talks:

Since 2023, I have given nearly 50 keynotes and other talks at national and international colleges, universities, conferences, and other venues concerning artificial intelligence and higher education. This includes, but is not limited to, talks at South By Southwest, Princeton University (twice), National Public Radio, Heidelberg University, ITHAKA S+R (home of JSTOR), Johns Hopkins University (three times), Northeastern University, Miami Dade College, Rutgers University, Illinois Institute of Technology (three times), Bard College, Virginia Tech, Montgomery College, University of Alabama System, St. Edwards University, Mathematical Association of America, Coalition for Networked Information, American Mathematical Society, Inside Higher Ed, and many others. Please inquire if your organization would like to have me speak.  


How do we ensure AI benefits humans? | Together with Turing Award recipient and 'father of the internet' Vinton Cerf and leading public interest technologist Afua Bruce | Heidelberg Laureate Forum, Germany | September 29, 2023 

How AI Like ChatGPT Is Changing Education | National Public Radio | WNYC - The Takeaway with Melissa Perry | February 2023

How ChatGPT and artificial intelligence are impacting education | WFAE Charlotte's NPR | 2023


Digital Universities US | Chicago, IL | May 2023 

   Is Higher Education Ready for the Metaversity?

   AI Writing in Class: Disruption and Opportunity

   Future-proofing Digital Communities

AI's Role in Teaching and Learning | SXSW EDU | Austin, TX | March 2023

A Mathematician's Journey to Science Journalism | Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University | National Science Foundation Spring Opportunities Workshop | January 2023

Reaching the Public: Why, Where, and How to Tell Math and Science Stories in Newspapers, Magazines, and Books | Together with Dan Taber, Oxford University Press | Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston | January 4, 2023


Diversity and Inclusion in Science Journalism | Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University | September 2022

In Conversation with Steven Strogatz | MoMath National Museum of Mathematics, New York City | August 2022

Science Journalism in Unsettling Times | Johns Hopkins University | May 2022

Conversations Before Midnight | Co-hosted with W. Ian Lipkin, an international authority on the use of molecular methods for pathogen discovery | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists | November 2021

Scientists Get Creative to Engage the Public in Science | A panel discussion with "Father of the Internet" and Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf | Heidelberg Laureate Forum | September 2021​

Why is North Korea Resuming Its Nuclear Programme? | With global nuclear experts | Al Jazeera English | September 2021 

China's New Nuclear Silo fields: Negotiating Card or Arms Race Catalyst? | With global nuclear experts | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists | September 2021

From freelance science writer to staffer | Johns Hopkins University | A talk for students in the graduate science writing program | September 2021

An Interview with Science Writer Susan D'Agostino | Mathematical Association of America's Math Values 

Pitch your science stories to editors who want them | A workshop with "Father of Public Key Cryptography" Martin Hellman and editors from MIT Technology Review, Quanta, Math Horizons, and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists | Heidelberg Laureate Forum | September 2021

What Can You Do With a Mathematics PhD? | Rutgers University Association for Women in Mathematics | April 2021

Book Talk: How to Free Your Inner Mathematician | Lexington Community Education | February 2021

New Books Network Podcast: Interview with Susan D'Agostino, author of How to Free Your Inner Mathematician | Host Cory Brunson


Public Science Communication in Mathematics and Computer Science | A panel discussion with Turing Award recipient John Hopcroft, Ilka Agricola, Eva Wolfangel, and Susan D'Agostino | Moderated by Volker Stollorz | Virtual Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2020 

My Favorite Theorem podcast with Kevin Knudson and Evelyn Lamb | Episode 58 - Susan D'Agostino

Free Your Inner Mathematician Through Stories | Joint Mathematics Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society | Denver, CO | January 16, 2020 

Highlights From the EDGE Book | Joint Mathematics Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society | Denver, CO | January 16, 2020

A Roundtable with the EDGE Book Editors – Part 1: How to Write a Successful Mathematics Book Proposal and Part 2: How to Proceed After Your Successful Book Proposal Earns a Book Contract | Joint Mathematics Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society | Baltimore, MD | January 2019

Undark Episode 33, Part 3: Surviving C. diff  Podcast | Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Program in Science Writing Seth Mnoonkin interviews Susan D'Agostino, author of Undark essay, "When the FDA Drastically Curbed Fecal Transplants, I Performed My Own" | November 2018

EDGE Turns 20; What Have We Learned? | Joint Mathematical Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society | San Diego, CA | January 2018

From 2014 - 2017, Susan served as an appointed member of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Task Force, during which she contributed to multiple reports every year and regularly spoke at the governor's press conferences and other state, national, and international conferences.  

Keynote Speaker | A Mathematician Comes of Age | Southern NH University Convocation | September 2016


Keynote Speaker | Let's Design a New Hampshire Math and Science Academy | NH Math & Science Academy Design Day | A Gathering of 40 STEM educational and industry leaders | Sandbox Collaborative, Manchester, NH | April 2016


University Engagement in K12 STEM Education | Together with NH Community College Chancellor Ross Gitell, UNH Provost Vasudevan Palligarnai, and Dean of the Dartmouth College Engineering School Joseph Helble | New Hampshire College and University Council | December 2015


Imagining the New Hampshire Math and Science Academy | NH Governor Maggie Hassan’s Press Conference | Announcing the release of the NH STEM Task Force Report | January 2015


Identifying and Nurturing Latent STEM Talent Among First-Generation College Students | Association of American Colleges and Universities Transforming STEM Education: Innovation, Inquiry, and Evidence conference | San Diego, CA | November 2013


A Linear Algebraic Approach to an Old Calculus Standby | Joint Mathematical Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America | San Diego, CA | January 2013


How Google Harnessed Linear Algebra to Make Billions | Center for Women in Mathematics | Smith College | December 2011


Helping Business Students Acclimate to the Statistics Classroom | Mathfest of the Mathematical Association of America | Lexington, KY | August 2011 


Promoting Diversity at the Graduate Level in Mathematics: A National Forum | Mathematical Sciences Research Institute | University of California at Berkeley | October 2008


How I Got Married, Had a Baby and Earned a Mathematics Ph.D. within the Space of Five Years | Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education | A summer program for women in mathematics | Pomona College, CA | June 2003


Smoothing the Transition to Graduate Education for Women in Mathematics | Spelman College | June 1999 

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