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Coaching and Tutoring

I find deep meaning in mentoring others as they pursue math and writing goals. For this reason, I devote a small portion of my time to the following activities:

  • Tutoring and academic coaching for math and writing students enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school or college.

  • Coaching for professionals seeking advice on pitching op-eds or freelance articles or writing fellowship applications or book proposals.

I have successfully worked as a freelance journalist, magazine editor, newspaper reporter, book author, college admission counselor, high school math teacher, and tenured mathematics professor who earned the university’s Excellence in Teaching Award. I look forward to sharing insight and expertise so that you make progress on your personal and professional goals.

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Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Students: You are (or your child is) enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school or in college. You are interested in one of the following:

  • Targeted academic support in a specific area, such as math, writing, or drafting college application essays.

  • Holistic academic support in a variety of academic subjects, including homework help, organization, and study habits in math, writing, and more. 

You are interested in weekly sessions that are either one hour or two hours long. Sessions with middle school, high school, or college students may be in-person or by video call. Sessions with elementary school students are in person on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Writing Power Hour: You are an academic or other professional who aspires to write for the public. You may want to write an op-ed in a newspaper, a freelance article in a popular magazine, or a book for the public. The Writing Power Hour is a one-hour individual consultation by video call. I will answer your questions about pitching and help brainstorm ideas based on your background or expertise. You will receive a follow-up email with suggestions for potential next steps.

Writing Office Hours: Four one-hour mentoring sessions by video call scheduled once per month over four months. You are an academic or other professional who aspires to write for the public. You are also ready to take concrete steps toward your goal. I will help you articulate a specific goal, identify actionable steps for you to pursue between sessions, answer your questions, and offer video-call feedback once per month over four months. This option is for those seeking accountability in moving toward a writing goal. 

Testimonials from students, mentees, and professionals who have worked with Susan:

“Very down to earth and knows how to teach people who aren’t very good at math.”

“I look back at the essay drafts I started with, and the final products and am so thankful for how far they came with Susan’s help. Her feedback was kind, generous, and introspective. In the process I learned more than just about editing this one essay. I learned techniques and ideas for the writing process that I’ll use forever. Also, my essay helped me [achieve a dream goal]. I'm so grateful that Susan’s help led to this really exciting outcome.”

“She led me to a new way of math learning.”

“Dr. D’Agostino is very approachable and accommodating. She cared about my progress, encouraged me to ask questions, and dig deeper. She’s awesome!”

"I’m so happy! I had hoped to get a C in the class, but I got an A! I’m so glad I got to work with [Susan].”

“What I like most about Susan is her ability to provide alternate explanations quickly and effortlessly.”

“Thank you [Susan] for all of your advice, encouragement, and attentiveness as I worked on writing op-eds. I've now published several! Working with you has been fantastic.”

“Susan did a great job helping me with calculus in a way that was easy to understand. I really liked that she didn’t just spout formulas and theorems. Instead, she showed me why the formulas and theorems are what they are so I could understand calculus in a deeper way.”

“An extremely nice and approachable human being.”    


“The best teacher I have ever had. She makes sure students are really learning the material and not just pretending to.”

“Dr. D’Agostino really liked to get me involved in [math] conversations. Sometimes I was hesitant to participate, but she always made me feel that my ideas were worthwhile and interesting.”

“Susan has a great teaching mindset. She sets high expectations but didn’t expect me to do everything without help. She happily thoroughly answered my questions and truly cared about my success.”

“She really loves teaching, and I enjoy learning from her. She cares about her students and inspires them to make progress.”

“I cannot recommend Susan more highly. She loves math and teaching, and it shows brilliantly. She matched my learning speed and never left me bored or overwhelmed.”

“She is an amazing woman! She really showed me that I can be good at math.”

Frequently asked questions:

I am a math student (or my child is a math student) who needs help in a specific class. Can you tutor me (or my child) in a specific course?

Yes. I was a high school math teacher and a college mathematics professor for more than a decade. I was honored to have won the university's Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognized only one professor each year. I also helped my children with their elementary, middle school, and high school math homework, and they are now pursuing math-intensive majors in college and graduate school. In addition, I served the New Hampshire Governor as an appointed member of the NH K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Task Force for three years. I care deeply about helping all students learn more math.

If you live in the New Hampshire Seacoast region, which includes the areas north of Boston and Southern Maine, we can discuss in-person tutoring options. If you live elsewhere or have a preference for remote tutoring, we can work together by video conference. 

As a math or writing student, I come with a specific background. I may be high achieving and want to take my learning to the next level. Or I lack confidence and am looking for support. Can you help?

Yes. In my teaching and tutoring, I have worked with students of all abilities and interest levels. I am focused on helping you grow as a student, regardless of your starting place. I love helping students of all ages and abilities supercharge their math and writing pursuits.

How is the Writing Power Hour for professionals structured?

In our first session, I will spend approximately 20 minutes asking you about your past writing and work experiences. Then we will discuss your specific writing goal. You are encouraged to gather your thoughts in advance so that you make the most of our time together. After the session, I will send you a follow-up email with suggestions for potential next steps.

How are the Writing Office Hours sessions structured?

The first session is similar to the Writing Power Hour (see above). In subsequent sessions, you will share your progress on steps you have taken since the previous session. I will help troubleshoot challenges you may have faced since the last session and engage you in a conversation about moving forward. At the end of each session, I will send you a follow-up email with suggestions for next steps.

I want to write an op-ed, pitch a freelance article, apply for a fellowship, or draft a non-fiction book proposal. Can you help with that?

Yes. I have a strong record of writing op-eds, writing freelance articles, receiving fellowships, and writing and reviewing book proposals. See my bio page.

In a Power Hour session, we can have a general conversation about how you might begin independent work on one of these goals in the future.

In Writing Office Hours, you will have regular opportunities to ask questions as you take initial steps toward your goal. The Writing Office Hours option is appropriate for those who have time and energy to work independently in between sessions.

Writers should be aware that achieving publishing goals takes time. While I cannot guarantee that you will publish within a given timeframe, I can help you be more efficient as you work toward your goal.  

How much do your services cost?

Students seeking math or writing tutoring pay $125 per hour. Students generally commit to an introductory period of four sessions, though most continue beyond the introductory period.

Professionals seeking the Writing Power Hour (a one-hour session) invest $300 in the experience. 

Professionals seeking the Writing Office Hours (four one-hour sessions) invest $1,000 in the experience. (This includes three sessions at $300 and a fourth session at $100).  

The time I devote to your needs goes beyond the time we spend together. In addition to meeting with you, I prepare for our sessions and follow up as needed. I also pursue work and professional development activities that inform my work with you. I also conduct and distill research into actionable advice for you.


When you meet with me, you draw on decades of successful experience in teaching, learning, writing, and publishing. I can help you consider possibilities that may be a departure from what you have tried in the past. If you are ready to put in the work, my coaching or tutoring may create efficiencies and insights that accelerate your personal and professional goals. This may pay dividends on your coaching or tutoring investment.    


Individual coaching and tutoring are not in my budget right now. Do you have suggestions so that I might benefit from your experiences?

Absolutely. I am a huge fan of libraries. If you are a math student, consider asking your library to lend you a copy of my book, How to Free Your Inner Mathematician: Notes on Mathematics and Life, which won the Mathematical Association of America's Euler Book Prize. In my book, I offer guidance in managing the fear, freedom, frustration, and joy that often accompany calls to think mathematically. I also discuss a lot of cool math, which I worked to make accessible by drawing more than 300 sketches. If you would like to order your own copy of my book, use promo code ASPROMP8 on my publisher’s website for a 30% discount.


If you aspire to write, I have organized my writing portfolio on my website, which you are welcome to study as an example of one writer’s path. I also regularly speak in public venues, and I post notice of those events (with links, when available) on this website. Check back regularly. I hope to see you at an event sometime.

What is your payment and refund policy?

Upon scheduling your first session, you will pay a deposit equal to the cost of the first session. For subsequent sessions, payment is due one week prior to meeting. If you cancel a scheduled appointment with less than one week notice, you will not be eligible for a refund. If you cancel with more than one week notice, you will receive a full refund. 

I'm interested (or my child is interested) in your tutoring or coaching services. How do I get started?

Please reach out through my contact page on this website. (See the "contact" link on the menu.) Be sure to let me know which service interests you, whether you are interested for yourself or your child, and a timeframe for when you hope to begin. I look forward to hearing from you!

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